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Amazing Diving Experiences

Fascinated by the ocean? Come dive with us! KTD Malta offers easy and fun ways for you to take your first breaths underwater.

Begin Your Dive Adventures on Malta

Entry-level dive training starts every week on Wednesday morning! Our multilingual instructors can teach you in multible languages inluding: English, Finnish, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Estonian..

Try Scuba Diving

The Try Scuba Diving is a one day program that includes the basic theory of diving and two dives with an instructor. This program can be counted towards earning an Open Water certification, should you choose to continue your adventures.

Scuba Diver course

The first certification level is a two day program. This certification lets you dive to 12 metres with a certified dive professional. Ideal for those who are short on time! It´s also very easy to continue on to Open Water Diver course after this program.

Open Water Diver course

The foundations of scuba diving takes about three days including academic sessions, skills practice and four open water dives. Upon certification you can dive down to 18 metres with a certified dive buddy.

Open Water Diver - VIP Private Course

When needed, we can arrange a private course for you! Your instructor will take you through the academics, confined water sessions and four open water dives with a personalised touch.

Upon certification you can dive down to 18 metres with a certified dive buddy.

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