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Diving Deeper

Specialty courses take your knowledge and skills to a new level, up to and including deeper dives!

Continued Education

Are the depths calling your name? Do you wish to gain more knowledge? When you want to go deeper or gain more experience, you can continue your education with our extensive selection of Specialty Courses.

Advanced Adventurer

Sample five different specialties on the Advanced Adventurer course! This selection also includes a deep dive, certifying you to the maximum of 30 metres.

Stress and Rescue

What to do in risky situations? How to rescue yourself or your buddy when things go wrong? Learn how to help, become a better dive buddy!

React Right Specialty

When things donĀ“t go as planned, you need to be able to react right. Get certified in basic and advanced first aid on this course!

Specialty Courses

Wreck Diving

Wrecks are fascinating dive sites, each with their own story. Learn the basics of wreck diving safely and comfortably!

Enriched Air Nitrox

Get longer bottom times on Nitrox, or Enriched Air. Excellent when paired with Deep or Wreck Specialties!


Find your way underwater and skip the unnecessary surface swims! Learn to use the compass and natural landmarks to enhance your dives.

Night and Limited Visibility

See the nocturnal animals that hide during the day. You will also learn more about how to deal with limited visibility on dives, and how to stay in contact with your buddy.

Recreational Sidemount

Double your gas supply, discover a better trim, and get aquainted with new diving gear!

Perfect Buoyancy

The foundation for all diving, this course helps you find the best diving position and your optimal weighting.

Deep Diving

Dive deeper, down to 40 metres, learn more about the depths and gain more experience!

Marine Ecology

Learn more about the oceans we all come from, discover ecological diving and figure out how to ID all the colourful fishes!

Search and Recovery

Learn how to find and recover lost gear, big and small, on this specialty course!

Specialty Diver Combos

When one specialty course is too narrow for you, you can do combos! KTD offers a selection of specialty courses which support each other optimally.

On the combos you can reach the SSI Specialty Diver rating! This is the first SSI recognition level, granted automatically when you finish two specialty courses and have logged at least 12 dives.

Below you can find some of our most popular combos, but feel free to ask us for any combination of the Specialty Courses!

Deep Diver Combo

Combine Deep and Nitrox diver courses, get certified to 40 metres and learn to use enriched air for longer bottom times!

Eco Diver Combo

Combine the Marine Ecology with the Perfect Buoyancy Specialty and become an Eco Diver!

Wreck Explorer Combo

Learn more about wreck diving, and how to dive around them safely. Combine the Perfect Buoyancy and Wreck Diving specialties, and become a Wreck Explorer!

Advanced Open Water combos

The SSI Advanced Open Water Diver is a recognition rating for divers, who have finished 4 specialty courses and logged at least 24 dives. Take your pick of our extensive selection of specialties and take your diving to the next level.

Dive It All Combo!

This combo gives you it all - Deep, Wreck, and Nitrox courses, and the Buoyancy skills to execute the dives in style!

Ready to Be Pro Combo

Dive like a pro or get ready for your professional level courses! Combine the Deep, Night & Limited Visibility, Navigation, and Stress & Rescue specialties!

Master diver

The SSI Master Diver is the recognition level for those who have at least 4 specialty courses plus the Stress & Rescue course, and have logged at least 50 dives. Take your pick from our Specialty Course list, start the challenge!

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