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We offer snorkelling around scenic Maltese islands.

Snorkelling on Malta, Comino and Gozo

Snorkelling is the quickest and easiest way to enjoy the warm waters of the Maltese waters. If you can float, you can snorkel. Like any other activity, however, a little knowledge and a little practice will help you make the most of your experience. We have all the equipment for a safe and comfortable snorkelling around the coastline. We also have digital cameras for hire so you can capture all the wonderful sea life and moments, to share with your family back home.

Sunday Special Scuba and Snorkelling Safari to Comino

Depending on the weather we can dive the P31 Patrol Boat Wreck, snorkel in the Blue Lagoon or explore the caves around this beautiful island.
The price supplement for the boat trip is €32.
Pre booking is recommended.
Minimum of 6 people required.

    • To be able to swim
  • Our snorkelling excursions fit all ages and all types of groups. Snorkelling charters typically range between 3-4 hours and accommodate 6-10 guests. We offer top quality snorkelling gear, flotation devices and snorkelling instruction as needed.
    • Blue Lagoon Comino
    • Crystal Lagoon Comino
    • Other locations on request

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Sukelluskurssi Malta Snorklausretki
Kohtaodiving9 Snorkelling Snorklaus Freediving
Kohtaodiving7 Snorkelling Snorklaus Freediving
Kohtaodiving6 Snorkelling Snorklaus Freediving
Dive25a Dwejra   Blue Hole
Kohtaodiving5 Snorkelling Snorklaus Freediving



  • 30 €

supplement for the boat trip

  • 32 €

Upon booking you are required to pay a deposit of 20 €.

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