Diver Stress & Rescue Specialty

Diver Diver, Are You OK?

Learn to take care of both yourself and your dive buddy! Perhaps the most challenging and rewarding of the specialty courses, the Stress and Rescue Specialty gives you the readiness to help in diving-related emergencies.

This is the one required specialty in order to reach the coveted Master Diver and Dive Guide certifications. You will learn to recognise stress in yourself as well as in your buddy, act with confidence and a cool head in stressful situations, and help in diving emergencies.

We recommend to take this course only when you have gained more experience in diving, or have attended at least the Advanced Adventurer course. You will also need to have a first aid certification not older than two years + emergency oxygen provider’s certification, but these you can also gain with us.

    • Minimum age 15 years
    • Open Water Diver
    • SSI React right first aid certification or equivalent
    • If you clear the medical questionnaire with only “NO” answers, you can sign up. Please consult your physician if you get any “YES” answers before diving
    • 3 days
    • Equipment rental
    • Online training materials
    • Hands on practise
    • Digital certification
  • Stress and Rescue course price includes online training materials.

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Diver Stress and Rescue Specialty


  • 362 €

Upon booking you are required to pay a deposit of 50 €.

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